How Your Thoughts Determine Your Life


Have you ever thought about your thoughts? Are you aware that your thoughts are really important and may well be creating the great or not so great reality you’re in right now?

You haven’t? Well, let me tell you why they are so important. I have found that many, if not most people think primarily negative or worrying thoughts pretty much all day, every day. And no matter how much I try to brighten their day by smiling and acting weird, they still seem to prefer being grumpy.

Through different authors and speakers I have learned that thoughts become things, as they are a way of manifesting our lives. These inspirational people include Louise Hay, Patricia Crane and Mike Dooley. Through my own thought pattern I have found their claims to be true to my life, as well as the people around me. 

There is a scientific explanation to this, but I prefer a simple hypothetical example that I have deduced and find makes sense. This can actually be applied to many people in schools and my school:

1. You think that you are not smart and keep repeating this thought in school or at home.

2. From all this thinking, it turns into a belief, that you are not smart and therefore not capable of getting a good grade on your final exam.

3. Due to this belief, you feel depressed and like there is no point in studying anyway because you won’t succeed. Therefore, you are stressed, sad and down. The belief has turned into emotion.

4. Because of your change in mood and the lack of confidence, you do badly on a test.

5. This test is ‘evidence‘ for your lack in smartness and therefore your belief is reinforced.

6. This encourages your negative thoughts even more and worsens step 3.

7. You do badly on your exam, and boom, your thought has become reality.


This process works for every thought, good or bad. By repeating the same thoughts over and over, we form believes about them which then determine our mood and emotions and therefore our actions. And it is no secret that a highly motivated and enthusiastic person is more likeable, as well as more likely to get into school clubs, universities or even get a job.

Since we think so many thousands of thoughts a day and we have the FREEDOM to chose what to think, why don’t we think POSITIVE ones? This has to do with the fact that we are often brought up with negative believes already, or simply that we are too stubborn to want to change because we feel that we are right.

Changing my thoughts and looking at situations from a positive point of view has changed my life significantly. People keep telling me I am ‘too happy’ when it’s a rainy day, or when we’ve got a test. I simply reply “To me, there is no time and day in life when I can be ‘too happy’. What I can be however, is be even happier.”

In my school, I am the leader of the student well-being team, and I absolutely love it. I am aiming to educate the students about this positive thinking model and really hope that I can implement it and get people to believe it.

Do you think it’s possible to implement this in a school?

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