How To Start 2014 On A Happy Note


Now that 2014 is 3 days away, it is time to prepare and to know how to start it positively and happy. 2013 was an amazing year for both myself and many people who said the same. Now, let’s get ready to say goodbye and thank you to 2013 and hello and welcome to 2014. Here’s a couple of things you can do to make sure to be even happier in 2014 and have a joyous New Year.


1. Start with a smile and keep smiling. 

It’s no secret that a smile is super positive and displays happiness. Start the first minute with a smile, and then smile as much as you can in the next year.

2. Express joy by doing what you love. 

Do the one thing you love most, and spread joy to others while you’re doing so.

3. Think of the one goal you desire the most.

By choosing and deciding on one goal to achieve in 2014, you are setting a priority and telling yourself you can achieve it. Send out the order to the Universe, and say that this is exactly what you want to achieve, and it will manifest.

4. Be grateful for your experiences in 2013.

Accept all your experiences, the ones you consider good or bad and be grateful, because if it weren’t for them, you wouldn’t be who you are today. And I’m sure you’re pretty amazing! Now you’re ready for new experiences.

5. Accept and love yourself. 

This may be a little tricky for some, but it really is the bottom line. It is the one thing that causes a domino movement in life and after you love yourself, love may be all around you.

6. Celebrate New Year. 

Celebrate the transition into 2014 with your best friend or your family, your dog or cat, anyone who you love and you know you’ll have fun with.

Have a HAPPY and JOYFUL New Year!