How to make every day a good day

Every day can be a good day for every single person in the world. It is every person’s own choice whether they have a “good” or “bad” day.

1. Don’t categorise as “good” or “bad”

because everything that happens is for a reason or a lesson that will help you further on in life. So if you have “bad” day, look at everything that has happened and find out what you could learn from it. If you get a bad grade, you’ve got to pay more attention in class or study better for example. If you were stuck in traffic, maybe that gave you time to think about important things which you wouldn’t have otherwise.

2. Yesterday is past,

you can’t change it and dwelling on it won’t make it any better. Yesterdays are our lessons in life, we learn from them and act accordingly in the present day.

3. Tomorrow hasn’t happened,

so there is no point spending today’s energy on tomorrow.

4. Be in the present and focus on making the present moment as good as possible.

It is your choice what to do right now, you can do something that makes you happy or something that you dislike. If you want every day to be a good day, you’ve got to choose to make it ¬†a good day. So go out and take a walk, read, swim, dance, write, do whatever your heart desires. And be productive.

5. Wake up with a smile, go to sleep with a smile, and laugh all day :)

bright day