How food contributes to happiness

Don’t you think eating the right foods will make you a happier person? And no, I don’t mean eating all that junk food and desserts will make you happier because they taste good. Well…junk foods do make you happy – for like 30 min. However afterwards you either feel guilty or over longterm, unhealthy. Now, I always think that being healthy is the best gift that you can have in life, and I also think that being healthy starts with eating healthy. So, good health = happiness ;)

Just so you know, I love food, it’s one of my favourite things in the world. My favourite thing ever is chocolate – yes, that sweet ‘unhealthy’ stuff. And I must say, I have times when I just eat chocolate every day. But for my own good I am working on decreasing the amount of chocolate I take in. This is because I realised the more sweet, sugary things I eat, the more tired and lazy I get. It may have a different effect on you, but one thing is for sure: Don’t eat too much chocolate :P

Therefore I am not telling you to go on a strict diet where you literally have to force yourself to walk by the bakery store or shove veggies in your mouth. Here’s my simple suggestion:

1. Only eat when you’re hungry, it will stop you from feeling guilty for binge eating, you’ll feel less full and more energetic.

2. Do your best at restricting your sugar and fast food intake to once or twice a week. This will improve your health and you will automatically feel better. You can give yourself a treat once in a week, like a piece of chocolate, if it makes you happy. Of course the best is just to not eat sugar, but I know exactly how difficult that is.

3. Eat at least one fruit and one type of veggie a day. Now you will feel like you ate something healthy and will be proud of yourself. It can feel like an accomplishment.

4. Drink water! Like 2 litres a day at least! More if you live in a hot country. Hydration will give you more energy. Obviously you feel happier when you have more energy opposed to when you’re lazy and tired all day.

I am 100% sure that if you follow all these steps for a couple of days to 1 week, your happiness level will increase and you will feel much healthier! I always do this when I feel the need to boost my happiness and health. Usually when you are tired and feel uncomfortable, that’s your body telling you that you need to make a change.

They may look good, but they won't do you any good.
They may look good, but they won’t do you any good.

I will be off to the beach for 1 and a half weeks – yayyy :) So I won’t be posting until I come back, but expect some awesome photographs and new ideas :)

xx Ula