Happy Birthday to my Best Friend!

birthday 2I’d just like to take this opportunity to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my best friend who I’ve known for only 2 years, but we have grown closer than anyone else. She is there for me 24/7 and is the best friend anyone could ever ask for. She is my favourite girl in this world and I wouldn’t be the same without her.

She is the reason why I started this blog, as I started inspiring and motivating her one and a half years ago and it worked so well that I thought I could inspire others too. We co-own our Facebook page, The Beauty Of Life and it’s been an absolute pleasure. It reached 600 likes today which was one of my birthday gifts to her. I am so grateful to be able to call her my best friend :)

Girlfriends and best friends are so important in ones life and they are always there for you. Take care of them and stay in touch, no matter what. Boyfriends may come and go, but best friends are for life! Happy Birthday! :)

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