Had a bad day?

Breeaaath – it’s just a bad day, not a bad life.¬†

Had a bad day? Feeling all negative and down and have no idea what to do?

– We’re all in that situation sometimes. We have days where just everything goes wrong and life seems to be horrible. And in the end, we keep thinking about it over and over again trying to understand why it all happened and the bad mood just stays.

That’s the thing, if you over think your bad day, the highest possibility is that it will get even worse. But if you tell yourself, ok, everything is gonna be alright. And you ask, what was my lesson today, what was the experience and what did I learn? – That’s what will shift your mood and you can look at your bad day from a positive perspective.

Like, lets say your friend got mad at you and said that you are super ugly and not worthy of her friendship. You have 2 choices:

1. Be all annoyed and mad at them for saying that stuff, and think about whether what they said is really true. Thus, lowering your self esteem and questioning who you are or how you look like. This will probably make you sad or annoyed. Is that what you want?

2. Or, you can think, fine, this happened, what did I learn from it? – I learnt how to stand up to myself and not take what she said personally, so I showed strength. Plus, I realised that my friend has had a bad day and probably took her emotions out on me, so it wasn’t even my fault!¬†

You see, change your perspective, and your bad day won’t seem as bad as it initially was. As every day is an opportunity to learn, and if we just learn the pretty and easy things in life, we won’t ever get stronger right?

So if you had a bad day, SMILE anyway and go to bed with a good feeling :)