Guest Post: To try and do some good

This is another guest post I received by Sean Homsher about how we should ‘try and do some good’ by taking action in one way or another. Check out his blog 99 ways to be kind :)



That quote came from a gentleman whose story was largely unknown to the world for 40 years until his wife found some of his papers relating to his story of rescuing 669 Czech, mostly Jewish, children from the Nazi occupation force in 1938-39 while he was stationed in Prague with the British army. 

In 1938, young Nick Winton was made aware of a tragic situation but rather than throw his hands up and say, “the situation is sad, but hopeless.” He chose to stay and attempt some action, “to try and do some good” for children in the face of very bad odds…

I encourage you to read about him, because he’s an amazing and inspiring person, but how does what he did 75 years ago relate to everyday people in our modern world?  

To me, the connection is really clear.

All of you reading this are amazing and inspiring people too. You might not know it, but you are. You’re probably inspiring in some way to your family, friends and  co-workers. How do I know this? Easy, if you’re the type of person who’s attracted to positive energy and to reading this great blog,  then you’re probably also committed to doing things to make the world a better place, and people notice that. But we can do more, and thats the challenge, and the request I make to you the reader and myself the writer. Everyday as I pass through this life, can I challenge myself to do more than just not do something wrong, but “to try and do some good.”

And thats a tough challenge. It means you might have to jump into a situation that’s uncomfortable and filled with unknowns. It means you might have to stand up for the rights of someone you don’t know, or check in on an elderly neighbour  or mentor a child who needs an example, or a number of other things that recognised humanity in the different people we are every day. 

For those of us who choose “to try to do some good”, sitting on the sidelines and talking about what should/could/would be done, isn’t an option. We choose to attempt these actions, not because they’re easy, but because they’re necessary and because we want “to try and do some good.”

As we take the challenge “to try and do some good”, we’ll notice new issues arise in the world, but don’t get down. Understand that you’re part of the solution. You’re part of the solution because you care enough to do something, or ask a tough question when it would be easier to put blinders on and ignore the problem. You’re part of the solution because you’re efforts go beyond feeling bad about something you read. You’re part of the solution because in your thoughts and actions, you  choose “to try and do some good.” 

Take the challenge “To try and do some good”, to persevere and be a beacon to a child or a family. You may not be recognized and knighted, but to those you assist with caring and involvement,  you’re much more than you’ll ever realize. 

Seán Homsher’s new book is called, “99 Ways To Be Kind” and is available as a paperback or E-book on, Barnes & Noble, and
When he’s not writing, he’s a Mobile Therapist for Foundations Behavioral Health in Doylestown, PA.