Guest Post: The Ultimate Knowledge to be Acquired to Lead a Peaceful and Contented Life


Life is a wonderful gift of God. Many people do not realize it because of their position, thought patterns and also because of their upbringing. Out of the millions of lives the ultimate life is a human life. We are gifted with a sharp thinking faculty, we are also endowed with a language faculty which enable us to speak what is on our minds. Human beings are a distinct species with a set of unique features which helps us lead a far better life than other non-human living species.

One need not be 60 or 70 year old to feel peaceful and contented in life. It is not about how long a life you lead or how much you have achieved in life. It is about your attitude towards life that either allows you to feel happy and contented in life at a young age or you do not feel contented at 70 even if you have achieved a lot in life. One does not have to be a millionaire with a huge bank balance to be contented in life. A millionaire can always keep complaining about his life not going the way he wants it. A normal daily-wage earner may earn a few pounds a day and yet be happy with his life. Therefore, it is all our mental setting which makes or breaks our life.

History explains how humans crave for money and power. The kings of the olden days frantically expanded their territories, waged wars against their foes and ultimately, whether they were peaceful and contented is a difficult question. The results of such battles were only devastating to the entire mankind. What has been gained by foul means would definitely not give you peace of mind and happiness in life. We should work towards a peaceful coexistence of human beings. Our fellow citizens have equal rights towards life just as we do. Therefore, we must respect every life on earth.

No degree or financial stability in life would give you peace and content in life. It is the inner energy and well being which enables us to think positive, stay healthy and contented in life. One has to, in first place, learn to pacify one’s own mind and save oneself from the distracting forces both inside and outside. You also have to learn to feel happy amidst the routine life even while working. Learn to enjoy the inner peace at home, at work and more so in the difficult times of life. This is in fact achievable. Once your mind is calm and composed you will be able to think better, work better and the results will be commendable. Peace of mind is not something only sages meditating on the Himalayas possess, it is right within you. You just have to know how to feel it.

  1. Do not compare yourself with others. Find out what makes you happy. Everyone will feel happy differently.
  2. Plan your goals and the ways to achieve them.
  3. Be with happy people always. It will induce positive energy and vibration in you.
  4. Find a solution when you are in a problematic situation. Do not waste your precious time thinking about what has gone wrong, but think about the way out of it.
  5. Eat healthy, maintain good health.
  6. Spend a few moments everyday thinking about what makes you happy.
  7. Try to allocate a few minutes to yourself every day. Look deep into you, put yourself in a better mood.
  8. Think big about yourself. Develop your self confidence, but do not be over confident.

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3 thoughts on “Guest Post: The Ultimate Knowledge to be Acquired to Lead a Peaceful and Contented Life

  1. Thank you for you’re great reply! Yes, I agree with you, and I believe that we are on the way to understanding that love is in fact the key to unlocking happiness or anything really in life. Thanks for sharing your view :)

  2. Hi Ula,
    Terence is right. Life is also a precious gift. To me, the word LIFE means Love Is For Everyone. After all, what is a life without love? No amount of money can buy true love, but when you have it, you are truly wealthy. As you go through life, you will find some people that are poor as a church mouse, but are spiritually wealthy because they carry love in their heart wherever they go. You will also find people with great financial means, but are spiritually bankrupt because they are never satisfied or happy on the inside.

    I would precede all 8 points with: Love yourself. When you accept and love yourself for who you are, you open the door to loving others as they are.

    Kind Regards,

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