Guest Post: Simple Meditation Exercise for Peace and Happiness

In life we all are looking for two common things,’ Happiness’ and ‘Satisfaction’ and they both are in some way or the other inter linked with each other. We, no matter what profession, country and religion, are spending most of our eighty four thousand six hundred seconds of our Day (24 Hours) in search of our special kind of happiness. But one question that always pops out in my mind is- in this journey to find true happiness are we moving in the right direction?

It took me 28 years to find this answer. During this time I have tried to find happiness for myself and my family in every way possible, but all my efforts went in vain! It’s just didn’t exist at the place I was looking for! Honestly speaking, we are trying to find happiness in external world in money, resources and power, but these things are achievements, not happiness. Happiness is Inside of us, and I learned this through meditation.

Meditations Lead to Happiness. People Knew It Before and Now Science Proves It!

Monks and saints always knew, that Regular practice of Meditation; lead to happier and successful life, But now we have scientists proving this claim. In a recently concluded research, it has been proved that, the people who regularly meditate have high levels of activity in parts of the brain which is responsible for Joy, happiness, enthusiasm and self control.

Exercise for Happiness

Although; a meditation teacher can teach many exercises which helps in achieving more happy and fulfilled life. But I will only discuss the meditation exercise which I personally practice and had great results is called Mind Fullness.

Mindfullness Exercise

Mind-fullness meditation is a simple; yet very practical and easy exercise for calming the mind and thoughts, and in my personal experience, its results have been none less a miracle for me.

It breaks the long battle of thoughts in your brain. It is like watching yourself as a third person. It’s basically a deed of observing our thoughts coming in the brain, without any predefined judgment, analyzing or labeling.

Regular practice of mind fullness exercise can make oneself effortlessly reach new levels of consciousness.

The Right Way of Doing Mindfulness!

Find a peaceful place where you can sit or relax for 5 to 10 Minutes, You can always extend your time as you get deeper into practice.

Position your Back Straight, make sure it’s not inflexible and also make sure you are comfortable in your posture.

Now close your eyes and stop thinking!!! Right! Just stop thinking and concentrate as an observer. You are an outside person observing, completely detached and impartial.

Random thoughts will start pouring in! Mind will start labeling process as good or bad! But remain completely detached and notice the labeling process very carefully.

While practicing mindfulness, you should have no Interest in the type of thoughts. Just observe; watch without any kind of evaluation, labeling, judgment and specially without trying to make any changes in your thought process. It might be possible that you may lose your focus in this, but there is nothing to worry just focus again, if you lose again, FOCUS AGAIN, and soon you will be a winner!

Now the most important thing is to get yourself concentrating on breathing. See how it goes up and down, feel the air coming in slowly and going out even slower… Just Concentrate!

You may fail again to focus in not minding the thought process, but don’t worry! Go back and Focus again.

Repeat the above exercise for 5-10 minutes in the starting week and once you become better and more experienced, you can increase time according to skills and needs.

In the beginning of this meditation technique, there will be many times; when you will get in the trap of following your thoughts. This is normal everyone as a beginner goes through it, even the best meditation practitioners have faced similar issues, but their regular practice have made them what they are today. Regular practice will make you the true master of this technique and your brain.

It is not about changing your mind, but increasing your understanding about it, so that we become free from all negative thoughts and understanding, therefore we find the true happiness which is inside of us. That is true secret of lasting happiness!


Sahil khan is a Meditation enthusiast. His goal in life is to spread the color of joy and happiness in this world, you can read from him at