Guest Post: Life as College Student – What To Expect and What Not To Expect

As you enter the stage of being a College student, you will feel a lot of emotion; there is happiness, as you successfully finished your high school stage, regardless of how naughty you might have been back then. Excitement, because it’s another stage in life that you have to dwell on. But most especially, pressure, certainly one of the things that will stay for a very long time and depends on how you handle it. Life as a college student has a lot of things to consider and it does need a lot of deep thinking before you take action.

Some may think that once they reach the college level, they can have control over their life, but it does not mean that it will lead in a very smooth sailing way. What others don’t know is that being in college simply takes a lot of things and eventually the things should never be taken for granted all the time. Physically and emotionally you will then realise that life is not joke once you are in College.

live learn

That is why, many should remember that it’s better to keep these two things in mind:


What To Expect in College


Lots of Friends

– With college being a new chapter in life, you will definitely expect that along the way you have to meet new friends and colleagues that will help you be a better person. There are simply a lot of things that might happen when you are inside the campus. Making new friends is simply the first step to work on. It will be nice to share some of your thoughts about life as a college student to your friend and from that you might learn from each other.

Loads of paperwork

– College life will never be complete without working on loads of school papers. This is simply one of the frustrating parts, that you have to brace yourself to endless research and try to  get yourself to focus on every deadline that you have to meet. Pressure is definitely in the air when you have a lot of school papers to deal with. In this kind of situation, you will then realize that college life is simply hard to handle.

Terror Professors

– you can never be sure that once you step into college, you will meet some teachers or professors that will certainly make sure you get along with them. Meeting some strict and terror type of professor is something that should really be expected. They might seem to be a terror but when you are the type of student who knows how to get along and determined to be good enough on the specific subject that they handle. The chances of facing some problems can be lessened.

Everything is on Fast-Paced

– being a College means you have to think more advanced and make sure that things will certainly fall into their right places. College life is simply a fast-paced thing, you have to keep up the beat to secure your stand. It’s not like you are still in high school. Everything changes when you are at College and of course you have to think of ways on how to survive while learning.


What Not to Expect


Easy Life

– it’s a common thing that when student become a College, they think that they do have freedom to really do everything that they want. “Freedom is not that free at all, there must also be some limitation”. Nothing seems easy when you are at College, every steps that student should take need to be think over and over again. At this stage, it seems to be a natural  thing that students need to slowly start thinking of growing up and mature. A lot of realizations can be determined at this stage. The value of hardship matters the most to meet the kind of success that a student wants.


Control Over Things

– being in College means at some point that you can have some control over things, but try to think back again and weigh if you really have that control on everything. Sometimes no matter how you great you are, you will experience some failures that simply not under your control. But it will really help you to think of them from a different perspective.

In every new chapter in life, as a student especially, there is always something that you cannot forget and of course it is also a must to move forward and to enjoy every moment. That is why it is better to keep in mind to not expect anything and to go with the flow in everything that you might deal with. When you start to accept the fact that you will think of always being positive and ignoring the idea of failing along the way. It is better to be open to the positive and negative things that may come.


Author’s Bio:

     Peachie Maricks is currently a Journalism Major student, working as a part-time freelance writer in a writing service in Australia which is home-based. Writing and traveling are some of the things that she loves to do. Slowly she is working on her blog.