Guest Post: I Dare You, I Double Dare You

Here’s an awesome guest post I have received recently. Have a read and leave a comment of your thoughts. :)

“Whatever you do, don’t ever change for other people. If you have to change, let it be four your own sake.” My mom told me when I was but a lad. At the time I barely knew what to make of those words. “Pf! Like I’ll ever change.” I would tell myself. I never thought sneakers with glowing soles would go out of fashion. I never thought that my dog would die, or that my goldfish would be flushed. I never thought school would end or that I would have to shave. I never could have imagined my father would be drafted and that my mother would lose her job. I was never ignorant, but I learned slow. Why? Because I never changed. I don’t get younger, but I never let go of that little boy who told himself that he would never change.

Granted, change is inevitable, but to which extent we do change can and should be up to ourselves. As time goes by we look at ourselves in the mirror and see a new person. If we understand and feel the same as yesterday is another thing.

Never changing is not my stubborn resolve to tackle the world by ramming my head against concrete walls. No, I would never have come this far if that was the case. What I mean under “never change” is that childlike innocence with which we dreamt when we were young. Back then our dreams were undeniable truths we followed until the bitter end. There was not a way to dissuade us from that truth we held so dear. In that sense, I never changed. My life has, I have, but my dreams have not in the sense that I always envision them as becoming true.

Because of that demeanor I have been able to tackle all the hardships life had thrown at me. When depression struck me to the ground I dreamt and kept going until I was able to stand up. When my family lost the life we had we came together under the cover of our dreams and worked until they were fulfilled. It was at that time that I understood what my mother told me so many years go. I would never change my attitude towards my dreams. We, as a family, would never falter because reality was never a substitute for the dreams we had set forth to achieve. No matter the hardships, our dreams were our truth.

For the past eight years, and even longer, the dream which has driven me through the best of times and the worst of times is to be a successful author. During those eight years I have written books and stories of the published and unpublished kind. I have found my meaning, my truth, in that dream.

My name is Bartholomew Korbyn and I am a writer. What is your dream?



Imagine shaking my hand and me telling you: “Hello, my name is Bartholomew Korbyn.” I have been a writer for over eight years now. As you could probably guess, and see from my articles, I am a dreamer and determined to make it as an author of both name and reputation. My self-published debut novel is available on Amazon and here is the link –

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