Guest Post: Finding The Right Balance Between Nutrition And Exercise

With life’s on-the-go attitude, it can be a battle to find the time to exercise and eat properly. After a hard day at work, skipping the gym and stopping at the nearest drive-thru seems well-deserved, especially if you vow to eat only carrots the following day.

This yo-yo diet of eating poorly one day and trying to overcompensate with health the next day is not physically or mentally healthy. Living a happy and healthy life comes from finding the right balance between nutrition, exercise, and enjoying those indulgent moments without the guilt.
Finding The Right Balance Between Nutrition And Exercise

Here are three ways to balance your lifestyle:

1. Use Your Resources

Many companies offer benefits that most employees do not take advantage of. Use your corporate wellness plan provider to keep up with your current state of health and chart a successful future.

Most people believe that if they are in no pain or discomfort they do not need to visit a physician. However, that is a misnomer, and it is important to go to a doctor for regular check-ups to make sure that your body is in fact healthy and functioning properly.

2. Don’t Diet

The term “dieting” can become misleading because it creates the illusion that at some point the diet will end. But being healthy and maintaining a good weight is not done sustainably through dieting. It is more effectively accomplished through an entire lifestyle change of eating healthier.

The key to eating healthier without losing flavour is adding fruits and vegetables into every meal. The nutrients within fresh fruits and vegetables are crucial to the body’s overall health and adding one serving of vegetables per meal can significantly decrease your risk of various diseases like cancer and cardiovascular problems.

Lastly, eating healthy does not mean your favourite comfort foods and desserts are completely off-limits at all times. However, it does mean exercising moderation and care. Instead of eating out three times a week, cut it down to a couple of times a month. One night of poor eating generally will not affect all your hard work at health. Allowing yourself a reward every now and again might even keep you on track with your diet because depriving yourself entirely can actually lead to more food cravings, making it easier to cave and veer off from healthy eating.

3. Make Exercise Fun

Exercise does not only have to be done at the gym. While plenty of people love the gym and its built-in equipment for a workout, its conventional approach to exercise can leave many people bored. Instead of paying for a membership that rarely gets used, find an activity that you really love.

Get outdoors and plan out different hiking trails to try. Walk on the weekends and see if any friends or family members want to join you. Or go mountain biking. Most hiking trails offer parallel bike trails, and for the more adventurous, a daring ride through the forest can be thrilling.

Find a local yoga studio and bring a friend to keep you accountable. Or take a fun but calorie burning dance class. Non-traditional forms of exercise are usually more fun and become an eagerly anticipated activity and not a dreaded workout.

The point of living a healthy life is to achieve personal happiness and a healthy body. Find what works for you and stick with it.


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