Guest Post: Appreciation

This is the first guest blog post I got, by my best friend :) Her posts are always cheerful and fun with awesome inspirational tips. Make sure to check out her blog too:

Hey Its Dhavinya here! I write on my blog BeautyNinja

Im that Beauty Ninja!! :)
I just wanted to talk today about Appreciating What we have…especially before its something we had.
You know that feeling when your doing something and you hate it, so you change or circumstances change…and you end up with something way worse and you wish you were happier with what you had earlier…trust me I’ve had that feeling before..and I know its not COMPLETELY unavoidable but it helps if you are more aware of it.
Like it helps to think everyday about what you are grateful for in that day…Life can really change if you learn to be grateful for everyday acts ;)
Have fun being grateful! :)