Guest Post: 9 Reasons Why You Should Meditate

I have received another guest post by Paul Smith, about the benefits of meditation :)


Meditation has become a common thing nowadays. It’s no longer associated with monks or yogis only. I bet everyone was thinking about a kind of mental silence, when your thoughts stop soaring in your head uncontrollably. And meditation can give you a wonderful feeling like that. Moreover, there are several hidden benefits of meditating regular. For instance, meditation is worth practicing in order to:

1. Reduce stress. It reduces levels of stress hormone cortisol, and those who meditate every day become less subjected to stress. As we live in a stressful world, why not to try this simple and natural remedy?
2. It calms down your uneasy mind. Thousands of thoughts come to our heads every day. And if you stop this endless dialogue for a while, you’ll get a wonderful feeling of inner peace.
3. It can help you to become more concentrated. If you have a habit of juggling several tasks at once and not completing any, regular meditation will make you less hectic and you’ll find it easier to concentrate on the current task.
4. Meditation is a good source of inspiration. When you feel a lack of ideas, find several minutes to go deep within yourself. A lot of unusual thoughts and fresh problem solutions can be found this way.
5. Increase your intellectual productivity. It’s proven that students who meditate before an exam usually pass it with higher grades than those who don’t. So if you’re a student or your work requires intellectual tasks, try it.
6. It’s a remedy for insomnia. When you can’t sleep because of stress or anxiety, try to meditate every evening. Meditation makes you careless and calm, both of which are the perfect conditions for a good sleep.
7. It improves your intuition. Regular meditation improves your concentration, which is the first step to start using your intuition, especially if you didn’t before.
8. It affects your health positively. The concentration on your breath, which is the base of meditation, helps you to hear your body and to recognize its signs. You learn to understand what you feel and what your body needs right now.
9. You become more compassionate. As you get to know yourself meditating, you learn more about other people as well. As a result, you show more compassion towards others.

Even if you’ve never meditated before, it’s a good idea to get started. Begin with at least 5 minutes a day – and soon you’ll feel all these benefits yourself!

About the author: Paul Smith is a professional writer. His main interests are business, lifestyle, and self-development. Paul now works for a paper writing service. Paul can be contacted at Google+