Guest Post: 7 Things I’ve Learn from Traveling

There are a lot of reasons why we should travel. Traveling will not only make us rich in term of collecting great experiences and memories. It will also teach us a lot of values and lesson in life.

Check these seven things that I have learn from traveling:
travelersmemorabilia1. Traveling doesn’t have to be expensive.
One of the problems of the people who want to travel is the budget. We always think that traveling is expensive. But actually, it always depends on your lifestyle. You can travel while saving a lot of money. There are a lot of ways on how to travel in a tight budget like booking for the cheapest flight. You just have to be wise in flying with the most affordable airline available. Also, you just have to stay to affordable inn or motel rather than staying in five-star hotels. Not only that, actually, you can also earn money on the road while traveling. If you are traveling abroad, you can teach English language to the locals and have a free food or tour in return.

2. Walking is the best form of travel.
Speaking of saving money, one way to tons of money when you are traveling is to just walk to your destinations. Yes! It is the best form of travel because you will be able to see the beauty of the place that you are in. It is an opportunity for you to know and discover new things in a new place. Walking in a beautiful place where you are not familiar will give you the genuine sensation of being in a real journey.

3. Learning the language is necessary.
It is very important to learn the language of the country that you will visit. Try to learn some vital words like ‘hi’, ‘goodbye’, ‘thank you’, or these useful words such ‘can I ask for directions?’, ‘do you speak English?’. Aside from feeling accomplished, you will need these words to communicate with the locals so you can understand them. Understanding the culture and history of the place where you are going to travel is an achievement. And for you to be able to succeed, you must learn to use their language first.

4. Be grateful of what you have.
Traveling around the world will teach you to be grateful of the little things that you have. Because some people are dreaming of that little things they don’t have. You will discover that great places are those not yet discovered by many. But then, you will experience how basic their life is there. Going back home, you will learn how lucky you are being able to dine in a fine restaurant or to take a bath in a hot shower.

5. You don’t need a lot stuff.
Traveling will teach us to appreciate the things that we do have. But it will also teach us only having the things that we need. Because it is easier to travel with few but necessary things in your backpack. You will learn that you can live with just the 7% of the total things that you have in life. The next time you will purchase things, you will then ask yourself if you really need that or not.

6. Culture matters and changes.
Every country has a different culture of their own. Learning their culture may be easy or may be not. But you are not required to do so. You only need to understand their ideas, attitudes, values and beliefs for you to be able to know them and respect them. The culture of one country may be differ from what you believe, so to create unity and harmony, you must try to know and search a little about them.

7. Everyone should travel.
Most people have a deep desire to travel and explore the world. But fears and excuses usually prevent them from doing this exciting thing. The desire to discover and see new things is fundamental to human experience. Traveling is the only thing that you don’t need to buy but can make you rich. It is the best teacher that will teach you a lot of life lesson. Everyone should travel because it is the only way to see how the world works in real life.


Dawn Atkins is a full-time college student who loves to travel during her semester breaks. She’s working for as a freelance writer. Dawn dreams to have her own business someday so she can save money and travel the world.