Guest Bloggers Wanted :)

I’ve been thinking and since I’ve got a lot to do with school and all I thought it would be cool if I had some guest bloggers on my blog :) I know that there are some really cool bloggers out there and if you want a chance for some other people to read your posts – well here it is!

Anyone is welcomed to write a blogpost about practically anything. It should have a positive aim, that’s all I ask for. So no negative swearing or anything of that sort.

If you are interested, email me here:

Send me the post you’d like me to post, along with an image that fits, if you have one. The posts should be between 300 and 1000 words. This opportunity will be open until next week Friday, 27th November. You don’t have to be an experienced blogger, anyone is welcomed to write a post :)

Excited to hear from you!

xx Ula

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