Go Where You Feel The Most Alive

I've always had a streak of following my heart and making decisions based on instincts and just a "knowing". Hence over time, I have invited a lot of straight up, sometimes almost patronizing questions on whether I really know that the decisions I make are "right". Then, it is the dealing with narcissists, realists and people who have been hard done by Life, people who give layman, egoistical comments without giving much thought to what they are really saying, and most times, thinking that they actually know better when it is not the case at all. 

So here's what a lot of people don't know.

Other than going where my heart calls for, and knowing that ultimately the decisions I make will always be for my highest learning at the end of the day,  I go where I feel most alive. 

I do things which some people think makes me look weak and stupid but what they don't know is the history behind me making the choices I made or continue to choose to make. What they don't know is the courage and strength needed to make the choice between taking the risk and knowing you might look like a fool, and doing what others "think" is appropriate. 

I go where I feel most connected inside of me, whether with love, inspiration, or where I feel most connected to this amazing Source we all come from. Some call it God. Some call it the Higher Power.

I have another name for it and it's called Love.


I go where Love calls me. 

That's where I make my decisions.

That's where I feel most alive.


Do Right By You

 The constant going for what inspires and connects me within, even though it might be against what people around me think I should or should not do, is always one of the best decisions I make in my life. Over and over again.

I always end up where I am supposed to be, making every single experience I went through, good or bad, prior to the ultimate "arriving at my destination" absolutely worth it, because no matter how far I strayed, I've always come home.

Time has proven to me over and over again that there is no need to justify myself, no need to prove my worth to others. The rewards I always reap is far beyond any worldly concept I know or can ever explain in words, and it is here, where I encourage everyone to do the same. 

Do a "you", and don't let anybody tell you otherwise.


Sometimes, listening too much to the well meaning advices of others not only messes up with what we should be doing, but impedes us in our progress. We get confused instead of inspired when we look too much outside of us. Even worse, we make decisions based on the opinions of others which might be less than accurate for the actual situation at hand.

Listen, thank these people for their advice and with a note to consider. We can do that without being rude or ignorant. But it is our job to always make our own judgements and do what you ultimately feel is best. 

At the end of the day, no one truly knows what's best for you, and if you don't stand up for you, no one else would. 



Mind Your Own Business. Leave Others To Theirs.

In Life,  I have constantly learn over and over again that no one knows me better than I do, and the truth is, everyone is only serving their own interests. It is true, there are those of us who are philantrophic, but we are merely conducting ourselves in ways that actually make us feel good in the process. Therefore, whatever we partake in is merely a way of serving our very own interests.

Now that is not a bad thing. In fact, it will serve us well to then begin to realize that it is our business to take care of our own interests, and to be honest with ourselves where our true interests lie. At the same time, we can then begin to be aware that everyone else is only taking care of theirs, consciously or unconsciously so.

Knowing this then enables us to consciously make the decision to be kind in helping instead of hindering others in their own journey, knowing when to leave others to their own business. We can then begin to separate our own selfish interests to becoming really genuine in assisting others where we can. 



Know When To Give The Boot

On this note, it is also important that we segregate the interests and therefore the calling of others to your very own, where you take heed to your own rhythm and the pull of your heart instead of tending towards the whims and needs of others.

Influences of the society, from well meaning people including your family and friends can be helpful, but not when it overtakes your life and you lean heavily upon them when making decisions that matters. Furthermore, they can only help or assist you to the point of what they can perceive and understand from their own experience, and sometimes, the perceptions and viewpoints of others might not necessarily be an accurate one. 

So when your brain gets too muddy, and you find yourself needing to answer to one too many people and having to deal with peer or family pressures, that's the best time to give the world a wave goodbye for abit, and start having more "me" time. 


The Constant Factors

Time and time again has taught me some main factors in how I personally make my own decisions and to helping me stay in an inspired place, hence making these constant factors almost timeless. They never change, and in fact when practiced and applied, gets stronger with time.


The Principle of the Heart
Do what you do. Follow the deepest knowing and the inner guidance and pull of your heart. You will know when a decision or something is right by you when you experience a feeling of expansion within the heart. A feeling of contraction is a signal that something is off.


Love, Kindness and Truth

Wear your heart on your sleeve. Express yourself, and what is true in your heart about another, about anything and everything. Do it, even at the risk of looking stupid. Do it, but be kind.  Any response made out of an egoic reaction disconnects you from within, and ultimately to love, inspiration and the best decisions. Fall in love with Life and everything in it over and over again, because that feeling of expansion is always worth it at the end of the day. No regrets.


Never Fear

Never fear what others think.  In fact, it is the last thing you ought to consider. If you were to have your last breath now, it would be the things you wish you have done that you did, not the "what if-s", not the “should have-s”. Reduce the what if-s and should have-s in your life as much as you can.

Just. Do. It.


What have you not said to another which you wish you had? What have you not done which you wish you did? What have you been putting off?

Take that risk. Jump. Trust you will learn to fly in the process. You will be amazed at how alive you feel, how it is actually all doggone worth it. 

At the end of it all, what others think and Fear itself is not only irrelevant but futile, because you only have one person to answer to, and that is You.


If there is ever a time where you should go where you feel the most alive, it is now