Gluten & Sugar Free Banana Bread Recipe

I made my own gluten and sugar free banana bread a couple of days ago and I’ve been asked to post the recipe. I found the recipe online on a blog and changed it slightly as I did not have all the ingredients and it still tasted yummy :)

These are the ingredients I used, (you will find the link to the original recipe below):

4 very ripe bananas

1/3 cup coconut oil

1 egg

1 tsp vanilla essence

2 tsp cinnamon

1/2 cup gluten free flour (i’m pretty sure you can use any gluten free flour)

1 tbsp raw organic honey

1 1/2 tsp baking soda

pinch of sea salt

Mash the bananas and add all the other ingredients. Mix using a mixer after adding each ingredient. Pour into a greased loaf pan and bake for 30-40min at 180/350 degrees.

After having made it I recommend to double the ingredients right away and maybe put a little bit less oil as mine was rather oily.

Click here to find the original recipe on the Positively Mommy blog.

Give me some feedback if you try it out! :)


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