Friends forever :)

Now that I have finished my iGCSE’s, the time has come where people leave to different places to continue their studies. And many of those people are dear friends of mine. All my life friends have come and gone, so I guess I am kind of used to it. Yet that doesn’t make saying goodbye much easier. Friendships are extremely important to me and definitely something I am going to hold on to as much as I can.

Friendships are valuable, I mean, friends are the people you laugh and cry with. When you need them, they are there for you and you can have the most fun times together.  They are the ones you can act stupid around and they still love you. Which reminds me of a quote that I keep reading :

Don’t explain why you are who you are – your friends won’t mind and everyone else doesn’t care.


Wherever your best friends are now, don’t ever let go of them. Keep in touch and don’t find excuses to why you can’t make time for your friends. It sucks when you really need your friend but they aren’t there, or you don’t have any – trust me, I’ve been there. Since then I’ve taken care of my friendships and I do my best to keep in touch…though sometimes I might just annoy them :P but that’s ok, because that’s what friends are for, right?

So call up that friend of yours you haven’t talked to for a while and ask how he or she is doing. It will make you both smile :)


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