Does life coaching really work? I have tried so many other things before.

Definitely! You and I are a team. We will find the temporary block to achieving your goals and what needs to be done to resolve this. Your previous work will be helpful to finally get the results you want.

Is life coaching for me?

If you want to change, such as a habit or behaviour, or improvement in your relationships or career, then life coaching is definitely something worth considering. Now if you welcome change and are ready to start your journey and take steps to achieve your goal, yes, life coaching is for you.

Why does life coaching result in such rapid change?

Teamwork: The coach is here to support you, encourage you and motivate you to take action. Knowing that someone is counting on you makes your journey even more important and reaching your goal becomes top priority. Having someone fresh to your situation work with you can open you up to new possibilities and choices.

Objectivity: As the coach is not emotionally or personally involved in your path, they can look at your situation from a different perspective. This may lead to them finding possible solutions or roadblocks which can help you advance much more quickly than if you had to find them yourself.

How often will we work together?

Having one session (60 min) per week is useful, however, the choice is yours to decide what’s most convenient for you. This also varies on your situation and desired outcome.