Failing Forward: Why failing can be good

failure.success Failing can be good? What?? All I’m trying to do in life is NOT to fail!

Yeah, I know right, sounds a bit crazy. However, yesterday I learnt that failure is the key to success. Let me tell you why and how:

I went to the most awesomest event yesterday, by Incitement and the topic was “Failing Forward”. There was a great ambiance and guess what: everyone sat on beanbags! The most comfortable seats almost dared some to fall asleep, but the people from Incitement made us do activities and we kept having to stand up, so it was never boring.


There were 4 speakers, talking about their life, a specific journey or business start ups. One of the two things they had in common was that they had faced failures in rather major part of their lives. The next thing was that they used that failure, learned from it and made it into something big.

The first inciter, Gabriel Valo said that everyone is capable of achieving what they want. And everyone is continuously succeeding. The fact that you can walk, eat, write or talk means that your life is already full of success stories.

If you want to achieve all that you desire, you’ve got to change your perception on failure.

If you start seeing failure merely as a way something doesn’t work, you will continue trying to find a way that does work. And if you use all the times that you failed and you change the way you did it means you are closer to succeeding.

As Henry Ford said: Failure is an opportunity to begin again more intelligently.

The inciter who inspired me most personally was Paul Helman from Vancouver. We all have mental blocks, like affirmations saying that “I can’t do this” which are holding us back from doing something new or what we really want. The key is to move beyond these blocks and exceed your own expectations. This is done by being at peace with yourself and having a gentle flow in your mind. Everyone has a different way to do this: you can meditate, do what you love or gently move towards your expectation.

Identify your walls, climb over them and take the leap.

Paul Helman giving his speech
Paul Helman giving his speech

What I learnt from this evening is that failure is as good or as bad as you perceive it. If you can use that failure and make success with it, you’ve got the right attitude. And whatever you do, follow your heart, because not following your heart can generate a feeling or failure as it does not have any fulfilment or happiness.

It’s ok to fail, no one is perfect :) Learn from your mistake and keep succeeding!