Do something and Make a change.

inspired by the movie ‘An Inconvenient truth’

Nature is both beautiful and essential. Why destroy the only thing that nourishes our planet?

When I first made this blog a couple of years back, it was based on the environment and animals and what you can do to save it. Now that I have changed the topic of my blog, I realise that even back then, as an emerging teenager, I had the urge to change this world and the ways we are handling and exploiting it. I didn’t like the fact that Global Warming takes place and that we are destroying amazing and beautiful nature, possibly never seen by future generations. And I think to myself, why  do we act so disrespectfully towards our environment, when we know, what kind of effects it has not only on our planet but on us and on our future.

As the movie described, the changes seem so gradual, when in reality, climate has been changing dramatically, comparing it with previous years. This is all due to the fact that we emit too much Carbon Dioxide into the air. This comes from burning coal/oil/gas, car fumes, burning forests, etc. There are a whole lot of other effects, but in the end, it all leads to Global Warming.

Why is it such a bad thing? Well, just to point out the most important bits:

It leads to higher sea levels, meaning the lower countries will get flooded.

It changes climate patterns, leading to more severe weather conditions, such as drought and flooding, cyclones, and more. 

Due to change in climate, it corrupts ecosystems and food chains, leading to animal extinction and uncontrolled vectors and pests.

This post’s aim is to inform you, if you don’t know already, what is happening.  And also, to urge you, to do something about it. It’s easy, just save energy in the household. Switch off the lights, use less air-conditioning or heating, etc. There are so many measures you can take.

Only thing is: You have to do it, to make a change.



(If you don’t know or you’re not sure about Global Warming and its effects, I strongly urge you to watch the movie  :) .)