Creating Things That Matter

After going to my first incitement event in September, I was super excited yesterday for the next one. And I am really glad I went! This month’s theme was “Creating Things That Matter”, and there were three inciters, each approaching this theme from a different perspective. Plus, the beanbags make the whole experience even cooler and comfier.

The Incitement Wall
The Incitement Wall

The first inciters were Ahana LaRa and Daniel Nilon, a spiritual guru and scientist, tackling the theme very literally. The talk was very scientific and I didn’t quite understand everything, but it was definitely extraordinary. Their talk fascinated me in a way. We all know that everything is energy, and so energy also makes everything. Therefore, energy is our life force. What the two inciters did, is they merged science with metaphysics and therefore got amazing results. They focused on the fact that energy is everywhere and that when the energy is used in a certain way, it can create things. Evidently, we could create anything at all, if we are able to consciously create.

They performed an awesome experiment in which they extracted energy from the environment and turned it into radiant energy (as to how they did this…don’t ask me). What we saw was a big blob of light for a couple of seconds. It also radiates a certain colour, depending on the person’s, who is operating the machine, intention. This can be applied to life as the different colours represent feelings or thoughts and therefore show where a person stands in life and how he or she can be helped. I found this very interesting.

Shara Palanivel, the next speaker had a whole different idea of the theme. He talked about how we should solve problems, especially obvious problems, which affect many people and solution them hold more importance. Therefore, with solving problems, we impact many people and make a change, therefore, create things that matter. I found this very interesting and it definitely applies to me. I never know which problems to tackle first, either because there are so many or because I don’t know which solution is easier to implement. However, if we were to all solve one problem, this world would have so many more things that matter.

The last inciter, wow, just wow. Michael Teoh spoke amazingly and confidently about his life and experiences. He was talking mainly about getting the balance between Personal Growth (I’m happy) and People Growth (you’re happy) right. By learning new tools, doing what you love and unlocking new abilities, you are experiencing personal growth. He said that the main reason why people give up with anything in life is because they think “I can’t be like you” as in “I can’t be a success”. He inspired me, because he talked about things that I could very well relate to. Like the fact that you should be determined, stand up for yourself and be yourself instead of being like everyone else.

Michael Teoh Speaking, and the awesome beanbags :D

Never wait for opportunities to knock on your door, create your own opportunities. – Michael Teoh


He made one decision that changed his life, at his school sports day. When he decided that instead of being like the others, in order to satisfy them, he will be different, he will be himself. Then he attended all kinds of clubs, conferences and competition and grew into the person he is today. After a while his objectives changed and he focused on educating the less privileged, starting competitions and conferences for young people in order to learn and grow. Therefore, he fulfilled his goal of people growth and created things that matter.

A meaningful change-maker inspires, shares ideas and hopes that others will do it better. – Michael Teoh

Creating things as matter can be as complicated as going into science experiment, or as easy as just being yourself. You can create yourself, and that alone is something that matters. Or you can create a product, service or something small to change a person’s life. It doesn’t have to be something big, in order to matter. It is the intention that counts.

Create something that matters today.

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  1. Great post Ula! I also did enjoyed Michael Teoh’s incitement. He’s a real inspiration! Thanks for putting this together here, for quick reference to the lessons learned there!

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