Comfort Zone? Boring.

There is something so easy about comfort zones. They are part of our every day life, and to be honest, they usually lack interest or that special something. At least that is how my comfort zones look like. It is in my comfort zone to sit at home all day and browse the internet, or to go out and shop, or even to go to dance classes. If I were to live my life like this, I would be so bored that I couldn't really call it living after all.

So I go out of my way to get out of my comfort zone. It is easier at times and takes a lot of courage other times, however, I very rarely, if even never regret it. It widens my perception and my experience of life. It shows me that fear means nothing - as long as what I am doing is not going to kill me - fear is just an excuse.

I would like to share with you what I just did last week. My friend and I (both dancers) were walking around in town, when we heard this amazing violinist play classical songs. We edged closer to the sound and found him to be playing in a circular dome, with an even floor and beautiful atmosphere. My friend just started dancing. Right in public, when the violinist was the one playing and was collecting money for it. Crazy right?

At first I was watching, yearning to join her, because this is something I had always wanted to do. However, my stomach clenched and my heart started beating really fast. I was so scared. After contemplating for a few minutes and remembering how good it feels to get out of my comfort zone, I just went for it. I danced. From the heart. And as we were dancing, an audience started to form. People came from all directions and were watching. A couple of them took out their phones and filmed us. Instead of scaring me, it gave me even more courage and I had even more fun. It felt amazing. People applauded, came to us and told us how well we danced. Both of us felt empowered.

This is what life is supposed to be like. Just do whatever makes you happy, whatever is fun in this moment in time, and don't let fear stop you. I am forever grateful to my friend who started. Without her, I would not have joined in. I feel like I successfully let go of some of my fears, just by dancing for around 15 minutes and not caring what anyone thought of me. And exactly that - not caring - is what drew people to us. The fact that we just did it.

This is one of the best advice I can give you - go out of your comfort zone, even if you are scared. Just do it.