Go Where You Feel The Most Alive

I've always had a streak of following my heart and making decisions based on instincts and just a "knowing". Hence over time, I have invited a lot of straight up, sometimes almost patronizing questions on whether I really know that the decisions I make are "right". Then, it is the dealing with narcissists, realists and people who have been hard done by Life, people who give layman, egoistical comments without giving much thought to what they are really saying, and most times, thinking that they actually know better when it is not the case at all. 

So here's what a lot of people don't know.

Other than going where my heart calls for, and knowing that ultimately the decisions I make will always be for my highest learning at the end of the day,  I go where I feel most alive. 

I do things which some people think makes me look weak and stupid but what they don't know is the history behind me making the choices I made or continue to choose to make. What they don't know is the courage and strength needed to make the choice between taking the risk and knowing you might look like a fool, and doing what others "think" is appropriate. 

I go where I feel most connected inside of me, whether with love, inspiration, or where I feel most connected to this amazing Source we all come from. Some call it God. Some call it the Higher Power.

I have another name for it and it's called Love.


I go where Love calls me. 

That's where I make my decisions.

That's where I feel most alive.


Do Right By You

 The constant going for what inspires and connects me within, even though it might be against what people around me think I should or should not do, is always one of the best decisions I make in my life. Over and over again.

I always end up where I am supposed to be, making every single experience I went through, good or bad, prior to the ultimate "arriving at my destination" absolutely worth it, because no matter how far I strayed, I've always come home.

Time has proven to me over and over again that there is no need to justify myself, no need to prove my worth to others. The rewards I always reap is far beyond any worldly concept I know or can ever explain in words, and it is here, where I encourage everyone to do the same. 

Do a "you", and don't let anybody tell you otherwise.


Sometimes, listening too much to the well meaning advices of others not only messes up with what we should be doing, but impedes us in our progress. We get confused instead of inspired when we look too much outside of us. Even worse, we make decisions based on the opinions of others which might be less than accurate for the actual situation at hand.

Listen, thank these people for their advice and with a note to consider. We can do that without being rude or ignorant. But it is our job to always make our own judgements and do what you ultimately feel is best. 

At the end of the day, no one truly knows what's best for you, and if you don't stand up for you, no one else would. 



Mind Your Own Business. Leave Others To Theirs.

In Life,  I have constantly learn over and over again that no one knows me better than I do, and the truth is, everyone is only serving their own interests. It is true, there are those of us who are philantrophic, but we are merely conducting ourselves in ways that actually make us feel good in the process. Therefore, whatever we partake in is merely a way of serving our very own interests.

Now that is not a bad thing. In fact, it will serve us well to then begin to realize that it is our business to take care of our own interests, and to be honest with ourselves where our true interests lie. At the same time, we can then begin to be aware that everyone else is only taking care of theirs, consciously or unconsciously so.

Knowing this then enables us to consciously make the decision to be kind in helping instead of hindering others in their own journey, knowing when to leave others to their own business. We can then begin to separate our own selfish interests to becoming really genuine in assisting others where we can. 



Know When To Give The Boot

On this note, it is also important that we segregate the interests and therefore the calling of others to your very own, where you take heed to your own rhythm and the pull of your heart instead of tending towards the whims and needs of others.

Influences of the society, from well meaning people including your family and friends can be helpful, but not when it overtakes your life and you lean heavily upon them when making decisions that matters. Furthermore, they can only help or assist you to the point of what they can perceive and understand from their own experience, and sometimes, the perceptions and viewpoints of others might not necessarily be an accurate one. 

So when your brain gets too muddy, and you find yourself needing to answer to one too many people and having to deal with peer or family pressures, that's the best time to give the world a wave goodbye for abit, and start having more "me" time. 


The Constant Factors

Time and time again has taught me some main factors in how I personally make my own decisions and to helping me stay in an inspired place, hence making these constant factors almost timeless. They never change, and in fact when practiced and applied, gets stronger with time.


The Principle of the Heart
Do what you do. Follow the deepest knowing and the inner guidance and pull of your heart. You will know when a decision or something is right by you when you experience a feeling of expansion within the heart. A feeling of contraction is a signal that something is off.


Love, Kindness and Truth

Wear your heart on your sleeve. Express yourself, and what is true in your heart about another, about anything and everything. Do it, even at the risk of looking stupid. Do it, but be kind.  Any response made out of an egoic reaction disconnects you from within, and ultimately to love, inspiration and the best decisions. Fall in love with Life and everything in it over and over again, because that feeling of expansion is always worth it at the end of the day. No regrets.


Never Fear

Never fear what others think.  In fact, it is the last thing you ought to consider. If you were to have your last breath now, it would be the things you wish you have done that you did, not the "what if-s", not the “should have-s”. Reduce the what if-s and should have-s in your life as much as you can.

Just. Do. It.


What have you not said to another which you wish you had? What have you not done which you wish you did? What have you been putting off?

Take that risk. Jump. Trust you will learn to fly in the process. You will be amazed at how alive you feel, how it is actually all doggone worth it. 

At the end of it all, what others think and Fear itself is not only irrelevant but futile, because you only have one person to answer to, and that is You.


If there is ever a time where you should go where you feel the most alive, it is now


What Being A Kick Ass High Value Woman Really Means


Most of us women want to be successful in love, and many of us seek to find out what really works in our love lives and relationships.

But after listening to dating coach Matthew Hussey's video on “What It Really Means Being A High Value Woman”, I then had an ephihany that literally knocked me off my sleepy pedestal and moved me to write an entirely new article for this week's blog at 1 AM in the morning even after having completed an article which I was preparing for days. 


Being a high value woman is more than just being attractive to men, and being successful in her love life.

It is about being powerful women who are able to share, teach and more importantly, be, the feminine qualities of compassion, empathy, love and joy to the world, to people around them, uplifting, inspiring others. It is about being the best of what we can be as human beings, imparting values of honesty, integrity, courage, strength, and truth.

A woman of a high value knows that it's not so much about trying to impress and prove herself to those who just don't see her worth -  it's about constantly trying to better herself.

She knows that only those who can truly see her worth and who shares the same values are the ones worth keeping around . . .


The Wrong Way Round

Sometimes, we get too caught up trying to impress others, or we try way too hard. We think too hard about what we should or shouldn't say, because someone told us that maybe we should do otherwise. We are careful about being "too" sensitive, and sometimes our upbringing also affect us as women in a way.

For example, when I was younger, I was told that it was better not to be“too strong” as a woman because there is no need for that since my husband should be the one who is the breadwinner and handle all the affairs of the family. I then somehow developed the thinking that I shouldn't be too “successful,” because that would make me too “strong” and hence unattractive compared to traditional gentle, soft women.

Then it was when my father passed on, leaving us in a financial pit-hole when I realized the conflict and in-discrepancy that comes with that thinking,.. because not being independent could set us women up for a hell lot of crap too....

I also somehow gotten the idea that I should keep all my opinions to myself, and to be “nice”. I kept my mouth shut even though I didn't agree with many things and intuitively knew they were not quite right.

I “put up” with things, seethed quietly, thinking that's what make me a “nice” person, when reality was, never mind I wasn't being honest with myself and others, I completely tarnished my inner space and screwed up my emotional health with all the things I wished I have said.


Embracing Our Sensitivity 

A lot of us women (and men as well actually) are known to be "sensitive". Many of us have been told that we are "too" sensitive, as to me, but it wasn't only until recently when I began to realise that my sensitivity was and has always been one of my greatest asset.

I intuitively "knew" things before I could reason it out rationally. I made certain decisions which was one of the best I have ever made in my life, one of which have saved my life, even when back then, it didn't logically made sense. 

Sensitivity is something that can only be developed from within. It is stronger in some and less in others, but women are generally a lot more in-tune to the energies of the environment and emotions of others where we can just pick up on things. Hence, we are known to be a lot more "sensitive".

But that's okay.

That's why we are of the female gender, where we are wired biologically to have our menstrual cycles every month, where a lot of us will know intuitively when we are about to have our periods. It is the ability to be in-tune from within, when we know what we know, even without us knowing why or how.

It is truly an amazing trait to have, our sensitivity, hence, being a high value woman means owning it,.. and using it for the greatest good :-

Choosing to emphatize and be in tune to others' feelings.

Choosing to be bigger than our egos rather than giving in to it.

Choosing to understand rather than retaliate and be spiteful, and choosing love over anger and hatred.


A High Value Woman 

Inner Strength

But, here is where being a woman of a value kicks into high gear.

When we opt to have a balance of of the masculine qualities of honesty, loyalty, strength and at the same time, we engage in the playful feminine qualitities of being loving, fun, carefree and joyful.

We have 2 aspects that goes with the quality of strength.

We are strong in the sense we can allow ourselves to be vulnerable as a feminine woman, allowing our man to be a man. Then there is the strength that comes with being able to independent and resolve things by ourselves.

We are sensitive, have compassion and empathy for others. Yet, we respect and honor ourselves enough to speak up for ourselves, taking action and making decisions that make our boundaries absolutely, clear.


A Kick Ass High Value Woman 

Courage - A True Warrior

Then here is another aspect that what makes a high value woman a real kick ass one.

A quality that all true warriors possess. Courage.

And I don't mean the simple, blasé one - I mean, real, inner courage.

The kind that comes with the strength to have the honesty and capacity to deal with the truth. The courage to be honest with ourselves about the darker aspects of ourselves, and to own and take responsibility for it. The courage to be truthful in all situations, to ourselves and also to others. The strength to love fearlessly, fiercely and loyally and be kind to ourselves and to others as well.

A balance of both masculine and feminine qualities.


The Courage to Trust And Forgive Herself

A high value woman is always constantly learning to follow her instincts, intuition and trusting in herself. She will be unafraid to take the lead, and walk the path by herself if she needs to. 

It is also having compassion for herself, picking herself up after she made a mistake, courageously and gracefully owning and loving herself for it despite what anybody else might think.


The Attractive, Kick Ass High Value Woman

She is the one who learns, and continues learning how to balance all feminine and masculine qualities. 

She knows exactly where she stands as a beautiful, feminine woman of Light; having all the qualities of love, gentleness, kindness, grace, compassion, empathy and understanding. Yet, she is never too soft and gentle to the point of being taken advantage of, and embodies the strong qualities of honesty, integrity, courage and truth. 

That's what makes her attractive.

That's what being a high value woman really is all about.

A woman who seeks to achieve high values in her life, not only for herself, or for the lucky one who has won a permanent place in her heart, but for every soul, who has the opportunity to cross paths with her.

It is about contributing the best version of herself to everyone around her, and constantly becoming better and better, not for any other reason than just "because"...


Jassica Nia



How Seeing My Deceased Father Again Healed Me


I had a dream about my father who has long passed away close to 16 years ago. In fact, uncannily so, I had this dream 4 days to the anniversary date of his death on 19th February 2001. The dream was so vivid that I was compelled to write it down the moment I woke up.

More to the point, the dream was incredibly healing.

See, I never dream about my father. Ever. Not once since he passed on. In fact, my sisters would think that I must be an incredibly uncaring daughter who didn't love our father enough to not even have one single dream about him.


Well, truth was, I had unresolved issues with my father.

It wasn't something I was conscious about. It was just something that over the years, I swallowed it in and kept it in, piling layers and layers over the first initial wounds. I don't even remember the actual reasons why I wasn't too comfortable about my father, why when the mere topic about my father came up, I just brushed it away and shrugged it off, going about with my life like as though everything is okay.

Everything is okay. Except that I became just another wounded daughter who had issues with her dead father, and that with every other love relationship that comes into my Life, it is akin to slapping my face with what is missing in me, in relation to my long gone father.


The Negative Repercussions

In my case, I didn't know that the reluctance for me to go back to my own hometown, the disdain I had for it, the occasional feeling, albeit intense feeling of feeling unloved and uncared for in my love relationships,... was partly due to the fact that there was this whole gap between me and dad. The feeling like something was missing, the feeling of abandonment when he died and left us, the feeling of resentment when I was told by my mum that I had to become the 'father' of the family, the responsibility and burden I felt because I was told that I had to take over and become the father.

While I could obviously have chosen to ignore and think otherwise back then, the fact remains was that I was too young to even understand it all. That, no it isn't my responsibility nor was it my burden. Things were exactly as they were. That daddy had to go not because he didn't love me, but because that was his own journey to take.


My dream really opened my eyes to how one small snippet of an inaccurate perception of a situation could have a huge chain reaction on how we all then go on to live our lives. How one feeling of abandonment, resentment and betrayal could have chain effects on how we respond to all our other relationships and to Life as a whole. How it could lead to the unhealthy seeking of love, acceptance, and understanding from outside of us, without realizing that it is what is within us which needs to be healed.

Being healed sounds almost cliché, but it is a real truth.

What we are often looking for on the outside in the physical world of form, actually has a Source from which it comes from, which is inside of us. When this place inside of us is not healed, not properly dealt with, it tends to show up in our lives in the form of less than comfortable feelings and situations, like relationships that are not what we wish it can be, situations which we prefer not to be in.



The Healing

This dream brought me to a point of complete acceptance, and a feeling of “completion” with my father. I was able to call him “Father” in mandarin, one singular word of “Ba”, a word I never uttered in the last 16 years of my life. When I woke up, I knew that whatever unresolved with my pops was finally resolved. The sense of unease I have with my hometown now is gone, and I now feel a sense of love and acceptance towards it.


I felt love, and loved by my father, complete fulfilling love inside of me filling me like golden warm elixir, peace of God.

I felt like home, like as though a gap within me has finally been filled, and I am held in this incredibly warm embrace of peace, comfort and security,

For the first time in ages,.. I felt proud to be called his daughter.

For the first time, I finally realized that home is no other place than what is already there inside of me.


Everything which haven't worked in my relationships, all the pain, hurt and anger pales in comparison to this feeling. The need to be pursuing for love outside of me and for people to understand me suddenly falters away. It didn't even matter anymore if people didn't feel the same way towards me as I do them, and I suddenly seemed to be able to see what was toxic and not working in my life and felt completely at ease at letting it all go.

I suddenly saw that the love that I was looking for, the place of security and comfort which I used to think is outside of me, is all already there inside of me, and we can all access it, each and every one of us, if only we all know how to unlock the pent up valves within each of us that carries all our past pain and baggage.



The Home Run

Your relationships with others in your life are greatly affected by your relationship with the ones who brought you into this world, - your parents.

It wasn't until this dream when this saying finally hit home. When after 10 long years of my spiritual journey, I finally, understood..

I am not saying to everyone that we should all try to heal our unresolved issues with our parents, but who knows, maybe it is worth a try.

One of the one ways to start is to understand that everyone is only behaving in ways that they know how to and they can only love in a way they know how. More often than not, it is a wiring in their brains, a conditioning they have had throughout all their lives causing them to have a narrow view/perspective of Life, a mental condition/illness, even genetic influence.

So if we really want to start pointing fingers, we will have to start going through the ancestral lines and if we are not behaving out of a solid conscious choice, who is there to forgive?

Maybe one day, we'd realize that forgiveness is not necessary, and only a mere understanding is required.



Making Peace

Sometimes we don't understand why certain things happen, but what is true is the only one way we can deal with reality is to begin to make peace with the fact that we don't know why things are as they are, and why people behave in ways that hurt us. The only way to become at peace, is to stop fighting reality, and be okay with whatever that arises in yours. Again that never means tolerating abuse in any way shape or form. Put up a hand, walk away if you have to. Do something about it where you can. But in situations where we really don't seem to have a choice, it is often a wiser thing to do to acknowledge and make peace with What-Is, than fighting with it in your head and tarnish your inner space.

Life happens in the funniest of ways, in ways least unexpected. I certainly did not expect that healing would happen this way, in that I could be resolving a long standing issue I had with my father who has long gone through a dream.. but prior to this, neither did I realized how wonderfully healing it could be.


Jassica Nia




Monthly Peace Challenge: Woman In The Mirror

This month’s peace challenge is to post something portraying my ideal self, when I feel most at peace. The moment I have chosen is when I do art. Art as in painting, drawing or dancing. They are my favourite things in the world, and I feel like all problems dissolve into space, and I show who I truly am while doing them.

So, I’d like to share with you my favourite art piece. Why this one? Because it incorporates both dance and paint. I spent 10 hours doing this, and those were one of my most peaceful 10 hours so far. I feel like it shows who I am. The colours, the curvy strokes, it is abstract but you can still make sense of it. That’s how I am. Sometimes I feel like I am not truly one thing, I am abstract, but at the same time, I am me, and that always shows through the abstract bit. Whenever I look at the painting, I feel peace and love, which is what I want to bring into the world.


Stress – Kinda Complicated


Wow..I really haven’t written a post for a long time. So I’ll use this one as an opportunity to tell you what has been going on. Firstly, my exams are coming up in 2 months, and teachers are pressing us to start studying. On top of that, we get tons of homework, so once I have done that, studying is not exactly what I am in the mood for. Then, of course, I just had a debating conference last weekend, and I have got dance rehearsals for a performance practically every day.

No, the purpose of this post is not to tell you how busy I am, although it plays a part in it. Due to all of this, my stress level has increased like crazy which affected my eating patterns and my health – I just got a cold. I realised that I let stress get the best of me, and didn’t de-stress quite enough. It is not that I do not know how or when to de-stress, it is just that I have been making excuses that I do not have time to do so.

Obviously, this makes sense, since I really did not have quite as much time; however, I could have spared 10 minutes a day for simple de-stressing, e.g. dancing, yoga, reading, meditating or taking a bath, which are my methods.

In order to allow stress to flow out of your body, you need to let it do so, and not keep it stuck, which is done by either over-working yourself, or denying the workload and thus procrastinating. This is where I slacked, therefore I have got a cold now – stuck stress wanting to come out.

So, in this very stressful time of having to do a lot and no time to do so, take a minute to breathe, take a break to do something you like, and maybe say no to a meeting or a friend, if you know that you need to de-stress. It is important for your body, mind and spirit, and may stop you from catching the flu or having issues like sleep deprivation.

Have a great, relaxing day!

Guest Post: The Ultimate Knowledge to be Acquired to Lead a Peaceful and Contented Life


Life is a wonderful gift of God. Many people do not realize it because of their position, thought patterns and also because of their upbringing. Out of the millions of lives the ultimate life is a human life. We are gifted with a sharp thinking faculty, we are also endowed with a language faculty which enable us to speak what is on our minds. Human beings are a distinct species with a set of unique features which helps us lead a far better life than other non-human living species.

One need not be 60 or 70 year old to feel peaceful and contented in life. It is not about how long a life you lead or how much you have achieved in life. It is about your attitude towards life that either allows you to feel happy and contented in life at a young age or you do not feel contented at 70 even if you have achieved a lot in life. One does not have to be a millionaire with a huge bank balance to be contented in life. A millionaire can always keep complaining about his life not going the way he wants it. A normal daily-wage earner may earn a few pounds a day and yet be happy with his life. Therefore, it is all our mental setting which makes or breaks our life.

History explains how humans crave for money and power. The kings of the olden days frantically expanded their territories, waged wars against their foes and ultimately, whether they were peaceful and contented is a difficult question. The results of such battles were only devastating to the entire mankind. What has been gained by foul means would definitely not give you peace of mind and happiness in life. We should work towards a peaceful coexistence of human beings. Our fellow citizens have equal rights towards life just as we do. Therefore, we must respect every life on earth.

No degree or financial stability in life would give you peace and content in life. It is the inner energy and well being which enables us to think positive, stay healthy and contented in life. One has to, in first place, learn to pacify one’s own mind and save oneself from the distracting forces both inside and outside. You also have to learn to feel happy amidst the routine life even while working. Learn to enjoy the inner peace at home, at work and more so in the difficult times of life. This is in fact achievable. Once your mind is calm and composed you will be able to think better, work better and the results will be commendable. Peace of mind is not something only sages meditating on the Himalayas possess, it is right within you. You just have to know how to feel it.

  1. Do not compare yourself with others. Find out what makes you happy. Everyone will feel happy differently.
  2. Plan your goals and the ways to achieve them.
  3. Be with happy people always. It will induce positive energy and vibration in you.
  4. Find a solution when you are in a problematic situation. Do not waste your precious time thinking about what has gone wrong, but think about the way out of it.
  5. Eat healthy, maintain good health.
  6. Spend a few moments everyday thinking about what makes you happy.
  7. Try to allocate a few minutes to yourself every day. Look deep into you, put yourself in a better mood.
  8. Think big about yourself. Develop your self confidence, but do not be over confident.

Author Bio: I am Terence Whitten, currently working as an essay writing specialist at Buyessays.us, which is an online platform for academic essay purchase and other writing assistance. Besides all other kinds of writing, I enjoy writing inspirational articles to motivate the readers.


Love Is All Around


Valentine’s Day is such a beautiful day because people show each other love and appreciation. It is the one day on which every couple looks beyond each other’s flaws and shows how much they care. Millions of people express their love, the most powerful emotion.

Now, just because you may be single, does not mean you can’t celebrate Valentine’s. Love can be expressed between best friends, family and animals. Just show anyone you are close to how much you love them. Today is the one official day to spread love, peace and happiness, so imagine just how powerful it is if all 7 billion people on this planet share these beautiful emotions with each other. Share smiles and happiness. The world would bloom.

This doesn’t only have to be done through gifts, flowers and chocolates. The most important part is to open your heart to be both giving and receiving, and you will grant yourself a wonderful day.

So this weekend, make sure to show how much you love someone close to you and that you are grateful to have them in your life.

Have a lovely weekend :)

Guest Post: Search for Peace within Oneself


While peace, happiness and contentment are indeed elusive, subjective and abstract matters, it must be remembered that it arises from the self and not outside it. In real terms, it is the self who makes one happy or unhappy and humans are indeed at the mercy of oneself and not the external world for gaining and maintaining happiness and contentment. Thus, nobody could make another happy or unhappy, just as it is oneself that could lead another to peace, happiness and contentment.

Carrying the argument further, it may be stated that a man could be happy even in the midst of extreme adversities, trials and tribulations, and conversely, depressed even in the most favourable  and brightest of conditions, depending on his mindset, disposition, outlook, attitude and perception of life and what it throws at him- happiness or sorrow.  It is the perception of human mind to external perspectives and its interpretations that matters. The classic and trite illustration could be that of a half-filled glass of water with the optimist commenting that is was half full, while the pessimist contributed that it was half empty. It could also be in terms of a preacher who, preaching the evils of alcohol, first place a can of worms in water and the audience found that worms were swimming merrily and with gay abandon in it. However, in a glass of alcohol, the worms shrivelled up and died the next moment. When asked what the audience learned from this experience, one among the audience, in a vein of humour, remarked that if one did not want worms in one’s stomach, then, one should drink alcohol. The humour aside, this informs us that there are also two sides to every argument and it is which is more robust and conning that matters.

Now that it has been keenly adjudged that one is solely responsible for one’s own state of peace, happiness or contentment, and that nobody could snatch away happiness from oneself, the next issue is how humans could pursue the goal of happiness without treading on the happiness of others. The solution is simple in that we should do onto others what we wish others to do onto us, nothing more and nothing less.

If we wish to injure, hurt or criticize ourselves, then by all means we should try to injure, hurt or criticise others. As a philosopher said that we should do to others what we wish others to do to us. Love begets love, and hatred produces hatred. In same measure, and this is a fully applicable universal philosophy that cannot be denied.

Another aspect that one must remember is that our happiness in this world is like a limited bank account with money in the account. The more happiness we withdraw from this bank, the smaller the balance of happiness remains until one day  we have overdrawn happiness and now running a deficit account or in other words, a shortage of happiness and abundance of grief, sorrow and disenchantment.  So the catch is that we must be wise, careful and judicious about drawing happiness from God’s account and only enjoy that degree of happiness that we have rightly earned and thoroughly deserve to gain and enjoy. We must understand that the account is not perpetual and we would need to also grieve later, to offset the overdose of happiness.

The moral of the article is that we should take our pleasures and happiness in moderation and refrain from ostentatious and uncontrolled pleasure seeking  that is not only transitory but also capable of bring great deal of unhappiness  later since the gravity of life needs to be maintained and upheld.

Author Bio:

Charles Wright is a regular writer here at http://buy-essays-online-now.com. He loves technology and also works with schools to design curriculum that also utilises mobile technology. He has a blog where he posts articles that help students develop a love for gardening and nature.

B4Peace: Happiness First, Success Second

ula wyss quote happy

This is a quote that I thought of myself, and it is what I will focus on this year. Practically everyone and everything around me says that I need to work hard to be successful, and only successful people are happy. And for a large portion of my life I have been thinking that I need to try harder, do more and be better so that I can fulfil this thought. However, a while ago I have come to the realisation that this is not true, that happiness is the first step. And with happiness comes everything else – peace, love, gratitude.

I have my own evidence, that when I go into an exam calm and happy, I will do better. In our eyes successful people – many celebrities – are all but happy, using their money, sometimes hard earned, for drugs and alcohol. Therefore, success and money aren’t the solution to life, but happiness, peace and love are.

In my opinion, happiness = success.

Do you agree?

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Last Peace Challenge 2013: Let’s Have a Party

As this year goes to an end, so do the peace challenges for the year. So, as the last peace challenge of 2013, we are supposed to write about a peace party. So here goes my idea of the best peace party ever:


This weekend, in my imagination, there will be a peace party in Hawaii, one of my dream places to go to. It is a sunny afternoon and anyone is invited – anyone that wants to promote peace that is. The waves create a calming sound in the background, and birds can be seen flying around. It seems like not only people are here, but nature is, too. Continue reading “Last Peace Challenge 2013: Let’s Have a Party”