B4Peace: Happiness First, Success Second

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This is a quote that I thought of myself, and it is what I will focus on this year. Practically everyone and everything around me says that I need to work hard to be successful, and only successful people are happy. And for a large portion of my life I have been thinking that I need to try harder, do more and be better so that I can fulfil this thought. However, a while ago I have come to the realisation that this is not true, that happiness is the first step. And with happiness comes everything else – peace, love, gratitude.

I have my own evidence, that when I go into an exam calm and happy, I will do better. In our eyes successful people – many celebrities – are all but happy, using their money, sometimes hard earned, for drugs and alcohol. Therefore, success and money aren’t the solution to life, but happiness, peace and love are.

In my opinion, happiness = success.

Do you agree?

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