And 2016 is nearing it’s end…already

November and December have always been my favourite time of the year. Christmas lingers, cookie smell everywhere and people are just in a good mood, excited for Christmas, spending time with family and of course, holidays. Yet I love it for yet another reason: To reflect. As the year nears it's end, life calms down, holidays allow me to relax and really think about what I have achieved this year. I tend to get lost in the every day happenings throughout the year and so by the time Christmas and New Years arrive, I have forgotten most of the amazing things that happened since January. Although it may not seem like it, 12 months are quite a time. 

So every December, I take out my notebook where I have written down my goals for the year and find myself having achieved quite a number of them, without necessarily actively having focused on them. I take some time out and every single year, I am surprised at just how much awesome stuff has happened. This makes me feel grateful and even more excited to start out into the New Year, have new goals and start again. They are not really New Year's Resolutions - I find those work out quite badly, such as "oh, I want to lose weight". So I choose to set the intention to experience certain things or learn something new. And I also tell myself that while that list of things I want to achieve can always change, because over the course of 12 months, a lot of stuff happens. Stuff that we expect, and stuff that we certainly do not, and so the goals list is just a list of intentions and nothing more. Then I let go, and let New Year's magic happen. 

If you love this time of the year, too, why not look back at the year and pat yourself on the back for all the great things you have accomplished. How did you develop as a person? What did you learn? Who did you meet? Did something really significant happen? These are all things you should write down and keep, so you can always look back at them - that's the most fun part actually. 

So let's relax, breathe and look back. I'm normally not a fan of going back into the past, but once a year, I make an exception, so that I can be grateful for all that I have learnt, reflect on things I could do better and then leave 2016 behind me to start fresh, in the present, into 2017. 

Do you usually do this? Do you have any other great ideas to end the year with?