English Cashflow Club Munich

Who are we?

We are an English speaking Cashflow Club based in Munich and meet every two weeks to play the game Cashflow 101, to learn from each other and share our experiences in our own financial freedom.

The rewards of being in the club are:

  • Learning about investment
  • Applying lessons learnt in real life
  • Networking, meeting new people
  • Having fun

English Cashflow Club Munich is a growing club, with regular players from international backgrounds, as well as newcomers. We have people of all ages, our youngest member being 14 years old. We always welcome first time players, and are a very open group.

What is Cashflow 101?

Cashflow 101 is a board game, comparable to monopoly. Yet while in monopoly, one plays to win the game and to have as much money as possible, here, we play in a co-operative manner, the goal being to get out of the rate race.

We all start with a job, and with that, we are in the rat race of the employed life - working to make a living. You get out of the rat race by investing in different assets, such as real estate, which provide you with passive income. As your passive income exceeds your expenses, you have reached financial freedom.

Why play a board game?

It may seem silly to play a board game to then apply it's principles in real life, yet, this game displays how we experience life in a very realistic manner. And by playing, we can try out different strategies and possibilities in a safe environment, with play money and fake jobs. Once we understand the game, we can start changing our life. Plus, it's fun!



München kocht!
Kazmairstrasse 28
80339 München

Future dates:

Sundays, 2pm -5pm







2.00pm - Arriving and networking

2. 15pm - Introduction presentation

2.30pm - Cashflow 101 Game start

3.25pm - Review/Insight session, Snack Break

3.40pm - Game continues

4.40pm - Conclusion, Feedback and Networking

5.00pm - End of Meetup
you are welcome to join us for a drink or two in the cafe nearby




15 Euros (water and snacks are provided)

  • Please transfer 15 Euros until 1 Day before the Event.
  • Once you sign up, a spot will be reserved for you, so please do understand that the 15 Euros will be charged if you cancel less than 24 hours before.

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