A Student’s View On Studying And Priorities

Okay, so I haven’t written a post for more than a month. Which is partly due to a problem with my page, and the fact that I had my AS exams. Yes, in stressful times like these it is hard to commit to the things you love, and in any spare time all I wanted to do was lazy around. The challenge was to push myself to set priorities, and while studying was the major one, I still managed to commit to dance, which was my second priority. It takes determination and it can be tiring, but I found myself rather happy, because I was being both productive, and at the same time I did something I love.

You see, the common approach is do less, focus on one thing. Yet I believe that as long as something else makes you happy, you can easily do 2, 3 or more things. This is what most people do before their exams: they stop most outside activities, stop going out and shut themselves in their room, engaged in textbooks. And this is why, during exams, I was not surprised that a lot of students were overwhelmed, sick even or needed coffee to keep their eyelids from closing.

While it is necessary to focus on the most important task, it is also necessary to let your mind and body breathe, relax and engage in something you absolutely love. For me, dance was a break to all the studying, a time to forget stress and just enjoy myself. I don’t know how I would’ve gone through last month without it.

Now it is time to relax, write blogposts and have fun.

I hope you have an amazing day :)