A nice idea for 2013 :)

Soo, I’m thinking of what my next post should be, and I don’t know what I should write. But then, facebook gave me this awesome idea, well, and my best friend kinda gave me the idea to write this here, without her even knowing :P Since it’s just a few days to the New Year, this idea is perfect :D

So yea, the idea is: As the year goes along, you write down everything good that happens, yes, everything, something little that makes you smile, or a huge life changing event you participated in. You write this on little notes or colourful pieces of paper and put them into  an empty jar or box or anything really. Then, on New Year’s Eve next year, you open it and read about all the good things that happened throughout the year. Would be an awesome ending to 2013, huh? I will definitely be doing it, and I hope some of you like the idea and will do it too  :)

Happy New Year everybody, and start 2013 with a smile !