A happier and more fulfilling day :)

In my opinion every one of us deserves a happy and accomplishing day – every day. And I have one idea I believe makes every day worth something and by the end of it you’ll think ‘yea, I am happy with today’.

Do at least one productive thing a day – It may be something to do related to work or school and you can be happy you finished it. But what do you do on the weekends or long holidays when you for once have absolutely nothing to do? Well, something productive includes: reading a book you’ve been dying to read, cooking, swimming, running, drawing, or anything else that your heart desires. Why? Because this will make you happy :) Also, what I find super productive and I do at least 2 hours every day is reading inspirational blogs and learning more about healthy lifestyles and improving myself and my habits. So at the end of each day I have learnt something new, and to me, that is productive :)

So that’s my tip for today – do something that you consider as productive (maybe not watching TV all day… :P), it will make you feel fulfilled and much happier than sitting around doing nothing ;)

~ live your life every day, it’s too short to be wasted

2 thoughts on “A happier and more fulfilling day :)

  1. Love this idea and actually did feel the need to identify today’s productive ‘thing’ to help me feel that I hadn’t wasted my day. I could actually come up with TWO lol!! Double productivity :)

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