A Different Type of New Year’s Resolutions

Every year, I make a new list of goals, New Year's Resolutions, which more often than not end up being forgotten by February. So this year, I decided to go at it a little differently.

I looked at the values that are important to me. What footprint I want to leave on this planet and how I can improve myself as a person, as well as the lives of others. So instead of the usuals "go to the gym" or "eat healthy" I chose to look into my resolutions with more meaning.

To do that, I asked myself a very simple question: "How can I be of service to others?"

After all, that's what we are here for. To help each other make life a little more interesting, fun and comfortable. We all work or do something, and if you think about it every line of work contributes to this planet, whether a doctor, the sewage cleaner or the painter. It enriches someone else's life. Now the question is, what else can we do to support people or perhaps animals or the planet. All 3 elements are part of this system, and it thrives if they are all in balance. 

So what am I choosing to do? 

I am combining my values with the question above. 

  1. As I love animals, (I am a cat person), I will go to the animal shelter to see what help they can use. Most, if not all animal shelters love having volunteers, or as I know of the ones in Kuala Lumpur, even rely on them. 
  2. Then I am looking into if I can be of service to cancer patients or children suffering from cancer. As multiple people I knew have died of cancer in recent years, I feel like this can be a meaningful way to give back. 
  3. Last year, as Christmas time started, I gave two homeless people some food and talked to them, asking what exactly they'd like to eat and then I bought it for them. The smile on their face and the gratitude they showed was priceless. This is definitely something I want to continue into 2017. 

What are your Resolutions?