A compliment a day

complimentsSometimes a compliment is all a person needs to have their day turned around. I certainly know that it can turn mine around. Whether its my best friend, boyfriend or an acquaintance, a compliment will always make me smile and feel great.

I have often set myself the target to compliment at least one person a day, however, it’s not as easy as it sounds. Sometimes it just feels weird to compliment someone out of the blue. And I thought best friends don’t count, because I compliment them often anyways. And when I say compliment, I don’t mean just say something nice for the sake of it, but actually mean what you say.

A compliment can be as easy as ‘you look pretty today’ or ‘you did this (task/job) really well’. Being sincere and truthful is the key – no one wants to be lied to.

I challenge you to compliment one person a day for the next week. It can be anyone (maybe not your best friend every day) and find something you really like about them or what they did and tell them :) Trust me, they will be grateful for it. You might just make new friendships that way.

Tell me how it went in the comments :)