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Ula Wyss is a global citizen leaving her mark on this planet as a speaker, coach and dancer.

Growing up in Switzerland and Malaysia, learning from a Swiss Entrepreneur Father and a Polish Facilitator as a Mum, she has definitely had a unique life experience so far. From a very young age, she promised herself, that she would follow her dream and do what makes her happy and fulfilled, rather than going for a safe, well-paid job.

She listened to her heart, and having gone one step at a time, and now she serves as an international speaker, coach and professional dancer, having performed and spoken in front of more than 2000 people with the vision to inspire her audiences to go after their own dream.

Ula stands for having a vision, a dream and striving to achieve it. To go out of one’s comfort zone, to find what you love to do, to stay true to yourself and achieve it. Having a purpose and meaning in our own life and that of others is what drives us as human be


Under Pressure

Has anyone ever told you that women put effort into their appearances because they want to impress men? I’ve been told that many times. Usually by men. So why are problems such as anorexia and bulimia still common in girls’ schools, where there are no boys around to impress?


Sometimes we don’t even realise that we’re conforming to the pressures of those around us, because it has become so natural to us. Sometimes we don’t even realise that the pressure exists, because we don’t realise that there is an alternative. All the women around me are shaving their legs? Okay, I guess I better do that too. All the women around me are carrying handbags instead of rucksacks? Okay, guess what I’m going to buy next? All the women around me want to slim up for summer? Okay, maybe I should be following one of those fad diets (please don’t, they never work).


I’ve never had a man tell me that the sandals I’m wearing are ugly or that my make-up wasn’t applied well (whic


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