30 day challenge update

My 30 day challenge is going really well and I’m having loads of fun cooking and baking new things. I feel physically healthy and great mentally as I am 100% guilt free. I made another loaf banana bread because it was just so good the first time and even better the second time. Plus, I made these super delicious raw chocolate truffles which I love more than anything right now because I’m missing my chocolate and they’re the best substitute ever – and I don’t feel guilty at all because they are sugar free! Click here to get the recipe.

For lunch today I made my own tuna pasta sauce (I don’t have a picture because I forgot…) I thought of the recipe myself and I must say I’m kinda proud. I’ve always considered myself a bad cook, but it turned out pretty well :) I’ll post the recipe some other time and I’ll add a picture for the visual effect ;)

Later on my mum made yummy guacamole and I ate it with some sesame crackers which I absolutely loved. Plus I made a smoothie – pineapple and kiwi with coconut milk, honey and cinnamon. It’s the first smoothie I’ve made so far and now I’m planning to make many more, they are refreshing and tasty. And of course totally sugar and dairy free!

The one rather annoying part of this challenge is the fact that there are so many foods and ingredients with sugar in them. Having to look at all the labels, I found that 70-80% of all the foods I used to eat have sugar or some sweetener in them. It makes it slightly harder to cook or bake things I normally do. I mean, who thought mayonnaise, salad dressing or soy sauce have sugar in them? Or salty crackers and vegetable seasoning. Only now I’m starting to find alternatives, but it does take some effort and discipline. The cool thing is, I found a whole organic and gluten free section at the super market yesterday, in which I spent ages in!

I must be honest with you, the meditation bit is the most challenging. I’ve forgotten two times now and am often on the verge of forgetting or not finding time for it. I am so busy and do stuff all day that I don’t realise how fast time goes by. This requires the most discipline and determination to just stop doing everything and relax – it’s the hardest bit. However, I know it is beneficial, and I feel it helping and being relaxing and comforting when I do it, so I will continue to do it.

All in all it’s going really well and I’m looking forward to the next couple of meals :)


2 thoughts on “30 day challenge update

  1. thanks for the tip :) even though I don’t see this as a diet as I am not trying to lose weight, but merely eat healthy and feel great.

  2. Keep up with your diet, I have always used a combination of exercise and portion control to maintain my weight. Good Luck, keep reminding yourself why you are doing this, and also make sure your reward yourself weekly so the diet doesn’t get stale.

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