30 Day Challenge – surprisingly great results

Day 9 of the challenge – and I simply feel AH – MAZING.

Ok, so since I’ve started the challenge I’ve been a waitress in a German restaurant. And I’m telling you, standing or walking around for 6 hours a day is just tiring. The first couple of days were extremely hard. So I would come home half asleep and with just enough energy to get into bed. And I’m not even counting how badly my feet ached. Nonetheless, I was in bed at 12am yesterday (which is late for me, I usually sleep at 10.30) and I was just not tired. I was wide awake and filled with energy. This is when I realised that the past 3 days I was energetic the entire day! I did not feel tired at all. Now that is unusual, as I am used to being tired at about 4pm in the afternoon and lacking energy. So then I’d usually turn to a chocolate bar or bed. Well, I did not need a chocolate bar or any kind of sugar to get back my energy, and as it turns out, and I am more than happy to leave it this way. I feel great and healthy.

The second major great thing I’ve come to realise is that making my own food the healthy way is super fun. I’m trying out new things, thinking of different dishes to make or ways to combine fruits and veggie for a yummy breakfast. I made the most delicious gluten, dairy and sugar-free banana bread yesterday and it tastes almost like normal bread! Until now everything I’ve tried has tasted delicious. And it is way more nutritious than candy or fast food obviously.

Plus, I’m not missing my sugar and chocolate one bit. I’m starting to think that this healthy lifestyle should not be a 30 day challenge, but more like a ‘for the rest of my life challenge’. I will definitely reduce my sugar intake once the challenge is over and eat at least one dish with fruits and one with veggies every day.

Turns out, I’m a lot happier now, I’ve been smiling almost non-stop at work today and I feel cheerful and happy. I don’t know how else to say it, I’m just happy. And happy is what I want to be.

Here’s what I ate the past couple of days, to give you some ideas:

My past three breakfasts –

Banana Pancake (mix one cut banana with two eggs and some cinnamon and fry until the eggs are cooked)

Simple fruit salad with organic non-sugar greek yoghurt

Home made Banana bread with a little bit of butter and raw honey

Have a healthy day

x Ula

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