30 day challenge – going well

It is now the 6th day of my 30 day challenge and I am glad to inform you that it is going extremely well! I am easily resisting sugar, and I haven’t had a single bit of dairy and almost no wheat (only this one time when I made myself a veggie wrap with thin wheat bread). Now that I have gone through a couple of days it gets easier and easier. Though I must admit, I am much more hungry than I usually am and therefore eat more often – probably because I eat less carbs in every meal. And I will not starve myself, therefore I will eat as much as I need to be satisfied, whenever I am hungry.

Plus, I just watched the movie “Food Matters” yesterday which affirmed that I am on the right track. Food is one of the most important aspects in our lives and it is one of the little things we can choose ourselves. So, if I fill myself with good food, I will feel good.
“How do you expect a building to last 100 years if you put bad building material in it – Same with our body” – Food Matters

Day 3 was the hardest of all. That day I had a huge craving for sugar, and having swiss chocolate and candy in the fridge it was very hard to resist temptation. I felt so desperate that I thought I was addicted to sugar (have I told you, I just absolutely love chocolate?). However, I put myself together and drank a tall glass of water with lemon instead, as a sour taste is the best alternative I could think of.

The gratitude journaling has made me smile every night before I sleep and shows me how many great things I have in life. I just often forget to say thank you for everything I have. I didn’t have such a great day yesterday, as I didn’t sleep well and was tired the whole day. When it came to my gratitude journal, at first I could not think of 1 thing to be grateful of, but after thinking for a couple of minutes, I actually came up with 7 things! I then no longer viewed my day as a bad day.


What I ate:

I made “Progess is Perfection’s” Tomato Beet Sauce for lunch, together with corn and rice pasta. It was delicious and definitely something to keep using in the future. Today for lunch I had a simple salad with dried tomatoes, olives, corn, olive oil and vinegar. I just love a fresh and crunchy salad every once in a while. Whenever I find myself craving sugar or sweets I reach for fresh or dried fruits.

found this on Pinterest, it's pretty simple to change ;)
found this on Pinterest, it’s pretty simple to change ;)