30 Day Challenge COMPLETE – what now?

As of yesterday I completed my 30 day challenge and I am more than happy to say that I was strong and disciplined throughout the challenge. Not one bite of refined sugar or sweetener such as High Fructose Corn Syrup, barely any wheat and practically no dairy – apart from natural greek yoghurt. I feel great and lively, plus I learnt a lot about myself and food over the past 30 days.

I have found many awesome recipes, such as raw chocolate truffles and pancakes which I would’ve never thought are edible without sugar. Plus, I experimented around with different foods and got to know many more super foods, nuts and alternatives to wheat and dairy. I even tried making my own cashew cheese which I kind of messed up but still tasted great. And I learnt that it IS possible to live without sugar or chocolate. Sadly, I also learnt that sugar is in practically every packaged food or drink which we consume nowadays. So, I will definitely continue making all my yummy recipes and sugar free desserts.

As you can guess, I was already munching on my piece of chocolate earlier and it felt amazing. It was a nice treat – however, I’m going to make sure to only eat chocolate once or twice a week since I don’t want to go back to how much I used to eat. It takes discipline for sure, but I need to find the perfect balance of eating healthy but allowing myself to indulge in ‘not so healthy’ food every now and then. If it’s under control it makes me happy which is my long term goal anyway.

So what’s next?

I was thinking of starting another 30 day challenge soon, this time it’s about smoothies. The challenge is to drink one smoothie a day. And no, not some sugary fruity smoothies, but green smoothies with one type of green veggie, some fruits for sweetening and nut milk or coconut water. I found this challenge on the website Simple Green Smoothies and thought it was a cool idea. What do you think?